Navid Nuur-EXTEXTS, Vol. 1

Published by: Galeria Plan B and Martin van Zomeren.
Design: Navid Nuur & Remco van Bladel.
Navid Nuur © 2004-2008
190 x 250 mm, Keaycolor Original

Ebbenhout 300 gr/m2 with Hotfoil imprint, Pro Mail Plus Natuurwit 100 gr/m2, Offset Ink and one hand drawn page. Signed editions of 101 + 10 A.P. and one handmade original drawing (last page).
EXTEXTS is an ongoing custom created condition for a particular selection of, in this case, 28 works. These works will/cannot be displayed outside this condition and visa versa. Only three of the works have found even a more custom condition and therefore cannot be found in this object any more.
In order to have a clear focus on each work you will find a blank separate page (The view devider) which can be used for dividing your concentration on each single side of each work.
As is the case with most displayed objects, the textual content is separated from the object,
hence this leaflet.

Please take your time absorbing the works…

Navid Nuur, 2008